High-Throughput Computing

The SCIGNE platform offers a high-throughput computing (HTC) service accessible to regional users, as well as to national and international partners. It is particularly adapted to perform data-parallel computing.

This service is based on a computing cluster interconnected to a set of other clusters distributed in France and in Europe. These geographically distributed resources form a computing grid, offering users a global power of several hundred thousand processors and hundreds of petabytes of storage. The operation of this computing grid is coordinated at the European level by EGI, as well as by WLCG for particle physics needs.

The HTC service of SCIGNE is labelled as Tier 2 in the WLCG designation for the ALICE and CMS experiments. It is used by more than 700 users from several scientific communities.

The infrastructure includes 4000 computing cores and 3000 terabytes of disk storage. It is connected to the Osiris metropolitan network by a 25 Gb/s link and has an 80 Gb/s backbone for data exchanges between the computing and storage servers.

The DIRAC software is recommended to access this service.