Steering Committee

The steering of the platform is ensured by a steering committee, on which sits a representative of the IPHC’s institutional partners, as well as the technical manager and the scientific coordinator of the platform.

The current composition of this committee is as follows:

  • Christine CARAPITO, scientific coordinator of SCIGNE, IPHC
  • Sandrine COURTIN, director of IPHC, IPHC
  • Sabine CRÉPÉ-RENAUDIN, scientific director of computing and data, IN2P3
  • Arthur PONS, head of CESAR, University of Strasbourg
  • Pierre-Étienne MACCHI, director of the IN2P3 Computing Center, IN2P3
  • Jérôme PANSANEL, technical manager of SCIGNE, IPHC

Scientific Council

The scientific council is the same as that of the HPC centre of the University of Strasbourg. It permits to offer single access to computing facilities at the regional level for the researchers.

User Committee

The purpose of the user committee is to provide advice and feedback to the SCIGNE engineers about the current state and future delivery of resources and services. It is involved in the definition of the evolution of the platform (new services, evolution of the infrastructures, …), the setting up of the training courses and the choice of the strategic orientations? It is composed of current users of the SCIGNE platform.