Plateforme SCIGNE

SCIGNE (Scientific Cloud Computing in Grand-Est) is a pluridisciplinary platform dedicated to the processing and management of massive scientific data. Hosted at IPHC, it is open to regional, national and international scientific actors, whether from the public or private sector. The infrastructure consists of computing and data storage systems, recognized at the European level and interconnected to several partners (France Grilles, IFB, EGI and WLCG). It is operated by a team of engineers with complementary technical and scientific expertise, that offers a range of services (training, software development, job management, writing of data management plan, etc.) to meet the challenges of Big Data and the implementation of Open Science policies.

EOSC 2022 Technical Workshop

The GIS France Grilles is co-organising an EOSC technical workshop from 24 to 26 January 2023 at IPHC. The SCIGNE platform team, local organizer of this workshop, invites you to participate to this event!

JCAD 2021

The FRANCE GRILLES and GRID'5000 GIS, the French Calcul group, the RSD GDR, the French mesocentres and GENCI are organising together the JCAD 2021 : a three-day meeting on scientific computing and data.